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Getting ready for the Holidays? This is our favorite time of year at our house! Thanksgiving leading into Christmas, followed closely by a bright New Year! Everyone is putting up their decorations from simple to extreme! Thoughts of cooking lavish dinners to share with our families are going through our minds. And trying to figure out where all of the out-of-town relatives will sleep!

Holiday dinner Table

No where in those thoughts are we considering the dirty black front porch concrete that will be the backdrop for¬† ALL of the lavish decorations! Who looks at the sidewalk or front porch? Surely they’re admiring our beautiful greenery and snowman welcoming them to our festive house! There’s a good chance that’s not the case. For being walked on every day of the year, we seldom give our concrete a second thought. We spread salt in the winter, park our dirty cars on it, even feed the birds on it. Concrete is very porous and those pores like to collect dirt and grime and makes all of our concrete very dingy and grey looking. Having professionally cleaned concrete not only brilliantly showcases our holiday decorations but using a high-powered, hot water pressure washer can add beauty and youth to your concrete as well. If you would like more details give us a call or check out this previous concrete cleaning post.

Professionally cleaned concrete driveway and porch

Why not give your concrete a little attention for the Holidays to really make your front entryway and sidewalk  Inviting to your Holiday guests! Clean concrete will brighten up your festive decorations and really make your house stand out!! Let Unleash the Crete help you get ready for the Holidays!!!

Display your holiday decorations with Professionally Cleaned Concrete. Don’t let the grime out shine the glam!

professionally cleaned concrete before and after

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