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Professional concrete cleaning is most often associated with commercial concrete. Our home or residential concrete can take a beating as well. We grill and drip grease on our concrete patio, park vehicles that may leak oil or fluids on our concrete driveway and walk on our concrete walkways everyday several times a day. Trees are great for shade, but they drop a lot of pollen and dirt onto the concrete. Even mowing grass once or twice a week throws dirt and grass on our outdoor concrete that quickly builds up. Maintaining your outdoor concrete with leaf blowers and garden hoses only removes the top layer of grime.

Outdoor concrete is, just that, outdoors! Especially in the Evansville area, it’s exposed to harsh winter snow and sleet, as well as, extreme summer rains and storms. When moisture sits on your concrete black mildew can grow and multiply at an alarming rate. That, combined with the grease, oil and dirt stains I mentioned earlier are a few of the things we attack at Unleash the Crete. These things can eat away at your outdoor concrete everyday.

Professional Concrete Cleaning on concrete driveway

proffessional concrete cleaning and brick cleaning

We can also get the “Ick” off your brick! Bring your brick wall, home, or walkway back to life with our professional cleaning services.

If you have never tried professional concrete cleaning, you will be amazed at the effectiveness of our hot-water pressure washer. The use of hot water along with the appropriate cleaners improves the performance of that specific cleaner. There are stain specific cleaners we use, such as Alkalinities, Acids, and poultices. Our professional concrete cleaning jobs are examined and treated individually. First, we examine each clients concrete, determine what stains are present, discuss the finished look options our client would like to achieve and then proceed with the cleaning process required. If you have sealed concrete, we can adjust our pressure washer to a cooler temperature, as needed, to protect the sealant.

professionally cleaned concrete without mildew

Above is a cleaned portion of this concrete driveway. We’ve used specially formulated cleaners to strip away mildew build up.

Cleaning your concrete with a high-powered, hot water pressure washer can add beauty and youth to your concrete. Professionally cleaned concrete creates curb appeal! It can also help sell a house if it’s on the market. And, if you want to take it one step farther, we can stain and engrave it!


Give us a call for all of your concrete cleaning needs!

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