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Mother nature has been very busy with the rain lately; roads have flooded, farmers are having a hard time keeping their hay dry long enough to get it stored and we, at Unleash the Crete, have had a few delays of our own. As I’ve discussed both, concrete staining and concrete sealing, are “weather permitting” types of projects.  On the other hand, we’ve been extremely busy with regular concrete cleaning in Evansville. Unleash the Crete teams up with Surface With a Smile, based in Evansville, for residential concrete cleaning and commercial concrete cleaning projects! Together we can provide all of your concrete needs including concrete cleaning.

We have clients all around the tri-state area including, Henderson KY, Owensboro KY, Mt. Vernon IL and Newburgh IN. For example, our concrete cleaning in Evansville is used for concrete darkening and dirt from trees, also paint removal from sidewalks or patios, and others just need everyday wear and tear cleaned off.

painted concrete cleaning in evansville

concrete cleaning evansville commercial patio

Jim, of Surface With a Smile, is using our hot water pressure washer to clean concrete in Evansville for this commercial patio.

We can clean any outside concrete surface with this hot water pressure washer. It works great for concrete porches, concrete sidewalks, driveways, pool decks or concrete patios. Our commercial clients, who include restaurants, groceries, and general stores, utilize our contract services to combat the dirt and residue from everyday traffic. Our hot water pressure washer is especially good for gum removal and with the right cleaners; we can minimize a lot of grease on their concrete!
concrete cleaning in evansville
Whether your running a business or have noticed the concrete around your house looking a bit dirty and dull, Your concrete can look amazing with any of Unleash the Crete’s concrete services

Weather permitting; I’ll have some great progress to report on current, ongoing, projects here at Unleash the Crete! Fingers Crossed!!

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