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The final step in this concrete project was to seal the porch.  Concrete sealers help protect the decorative concrete from stains, everyday wear, and it’s easy to clean.  When choosing what kind of sealer to use, you need to consider the following :

  • Is this concrete project interior or exterior
  • The wear or traffic this floor will be taking (Is it a store floor with racks or shelves scooting around, or a concrete walkway leading to your front door?)
  • What finished look do you want, low or no-gloss like matte? Or high gloss?

acrilic stain glossy and matt finish

All this needs to be decided before we beginning to seal. Keep in mind just because you choose high gloss doesn’t mean it will be slippery.

The Turner porch was outside exposed to the elements, so we chose to use an acrylic sealer.  It’s breathable, will stand up to the harsh winter weather and extreme heat of the mid-west, making it the perfect choice.  They preferred a high gloss finish leaving a slightly wet look.  When an acrylic sealer is applied, it leaves the stained concrete a deeper/richer color.

We had several huge obstacles to overcome when trying to seal the concrete at Turner stables.  This is an actual working stable with people, dust, dogs and horses.  Right in front of the porch was their outdoor riding arena with lots of open space.  Perfect for a lot of wind!  The important part of applying any sealer is to have an extremely clean surface so the acrylic sealer can adhere to the concrete. If the surface isn’t cleaned properly any sealer, even acrylic, won’t stay.  So remember, this was a record breaking hot summer, no rain in sight for months at a time, horses riding in the arena stirring up a lot of dust, and cars traveling up and down a dusty gravel driveway to where????? The front porch, my newly finished decorative concrete front porch!  On the day we sealed, we had the front arena hosed down to help with blowing sand.  We also asked everyone to drive extremely slow up and down the driveway to keep the dust to a minimum.

full concrete porch with acrylic sealer

Even though this project seemed to throw every curve ball imaginable, we finished! Mark, Holly and Lucille were extremely happy with the finished look! I didn’t think it turned out to bad myself! 🙂

slightly glossy acrylic sealer porch

finished featured images sealed with acrylic sealer

Thanks for following along with me on my favorite project to date! Until next week…

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