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Staining this concrete porch was the next step in our transformation!  When choosing between acid stained concrete and water-based stain there are several things to consider, the main being what type of finish your trying to accomplish. Water-base stain is very uniform and predictable when applied to concrete. Acid stained concrete, however, has a more mottled, or slightly textured look. Lucille and Holly chose the rustic finish of acid stained concrete for this barn project. Since this concrete was 14 years old an added bonus of using acid stained concrete was to help hide imperfections and give the job a unique look. No two acid stained jobs are alike!  Even the same concrete can stain differently in different areas, resulting in the textured look below.
Acid stained concrete different variations

Wondering why the Acid Stained Concrete appears differently in different areas?

  • Different concrete mixes and finishing techniques ensures that each concrete surface will stain differently.
  • Age, new concrete will take the stain different than old. This is evident when adding on to old concrete. The two slabs will stain completely different.
  • Concrete Finish, how the concrete is troweled will make the stained concrete look different in different areas.

New concrete must be fully cured a minimum of 28-45 days before staining and sealing. This porch’s concrete is at least 14 years old, but it is always important to check.

One very big issue we had throughout this project was temperature.  It was one of the hottest summers on record!  For staining and especially sealing, the temperature should be between 50-90 degrees. I found myself staining either early in the morning or late in the evening, when the sun went down.

I actually stained the whole porch a couple times because we wanted the color a little darker. Keep in mind we can always go darker but not lighter.  Stains can be applied in multiple sequences and with different techniques depending on each project.

various ways fo use acid stained concrete

I actually brushed on the border first, and then sprayed the rest of the porch a different color.  The horse centerpiece was sponge brushed on with two different colors. To finish I always neutralize any acid stain.

Chalking and engraving is for next time….
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