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This week’s blog is a bit of a “destination” blog. My WHOLE family, parents, sisters, brother-in-laws, nephews and nieces took off for a vacation to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I was so excited to report, via my blog, about all of the decorative concrete I got to see on my trip! Emerald Isle is a quaint little 12 mile stretch of an island considered part of the Crystal Coast. From 1 AD to colonial times it was home to Native Americans and later settled by a few whalers and fishermen. In 1951 several people purchased this island and slowly over time it was developed into a popular vacation spot.

beach view of great customer service

Sadly, the beautiful exclusivity of the island didn’t offer a lot of concrete to blog about. However, as I looked around and enjoyed my time, there was 1 “thing” that continued to remain constant. As a business owner I feel customer service and appreciation are our #1 goal. Unfortunately, as our days and people in general get busier and busier it’s easy to notice customer service taking a back seat.

When we were constantly greeted with genuine friendliness, honesty, and a willingness to help or please at every turn, I was so excited! Great customer service is not dead! Not only is it alive, well and thriving through Unleash the Crete in Evansville, IN, but also was demonstrated to us from start to finish during our stay. Starting with the reality company when picking up our keys, to the cashier at the local grocery store, the first mate of the deep sea fishing boat, and even the bakery worker we bought our birthday cake from, everyone was always cheerful and ready to make our experience the best it could possibly be. This is exactly what we strive for at Unleash the Crete!

We always stress the fact; this is your concrete and your project that will last a lifetime. We want it to be the best experience you can have. These are your ideas and creations down to the tiniest details, and we simply want to help to create a beautiful area you will be proud to show off and enjoy for a very long time! You, the client, are the most important person on every project. We will stick with the job until you are ecstatic with the results! Great customer service combined with expert concrete knowledge is a powerful combination offered through Unleash the Crete. Let us work with you to bring your designs to life!

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  1. Mary Rock says:

    How true – the South has always been known for “southern hospitality” and customer service!

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