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or “A concrete floor can be shiny without a slippery wax on top?” These are very common questions I get when I explain polished concrete. Polished concrete is becoming the new no-wax flooring choice. It’s high durability and low maintenance are quickly making it the first choice for commercial use. You’ve probably already walked across a polished floor and didn’t even realize. Stores with a lot of square footage and large amounts of foot traffic, like Walmart and Lowes in Evansville, are using polished concrete.

Glossy finish on polished concrete

Top reasons we are seeing more commercial polished concrete in the Evansville area.

1. High resistance to everyday wear including foot traffic.
Stores and warehouses that open to the public, sometimes 24 hours a day, have regular traffic from customers wearing on their floors daily. These stores need to primarily focus on the traffic area to maintain which ends up saving money and time because they don’t have to refinish the whole store or move displays when it’s time for cleaning and maintenance.

2.Less maintenance and longer service life.

These floors are easy to maintain, simply use a dust mop for daily dirt and an occasional damp mopping to get the rest. Once our polishing is complete we offer a yearly maintenance program so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Since this glossy finish is acquired with simple polishing there’s no need for coatings or waxes to be stripped off and reapplied.

commercial concrete ploishing before and after

3. Resistance to moisture problems.

When simply polishing concrete floors you end up with a breathable floor, which eliminates moisture build up that can occur when using other flooring options that seal in the floor such as, tile or epoxy coatings.

Polished concrete flooring is achieved through a multi-step process allowing business owners and homeowners to customize the level of sheen on their finished floor. Depending on the client’s aesthetic requirements, your concrete floor can be polished to any desired finish, from a low matte-like finish to a high glossy, mirror-like finish!

polished concrete showroom

Polished concrete can be paired with our other services to increase the over all appeal of your floor. How about stained polished concrete or even engraved concrete with a glassy polish? No limits in creativity and free estimates, from Unleash the Crete of Evansville, make us your first stop for any concrete finish.

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