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Polished concrete floors are not just for commercial use. They can be beautiful and useful in a residential home too.

What are the benefits to Residential Polished Concrete?

Have an indoor pet…that sheds…year-round?

I do! Unlike carpet, polished concrete will not trap in pet dander, fleas or mites.

Suffer from allergies?

The dirt, dust and other particulates that come in to your home via regular foot traffic will not be ground in like it is into carpet.

Hate sweeping and running the vacuum?

Polished concrete has a smooth surface, so it’s extremely easy to run a microfiber dust mop across it to clean.

Where should I utilize polished concrete in my home.

Concrete Basement Floors

Do you have a basement that is not being used to it’s fullest potential? Why not embrace the modern, clean, open minimalist design? Place some clean line furniture, tall sleek lamps and a big screen TV on a highly polished grey concrete floor and you have created a modern space that will be the envy of all your friends.

highly polished concrete basement floor

Do you have a lovely walkout basement? Why not utilize polished concrete to give it that extra something. Perhaps stain different patterns and create an elegant place to host gatherings. Your unique floor will bring your basement bar or family movie area to a whole new level!

How about your Kitchen?

For many different reasons, people are building more and more pole barns with apartment type living spaces in them. This gives oodles of parking and a private area for guests to stay. Pouring concrete in the entire space can make picking your flooring easier. Depending upon the size you could stain the whole floor before the walls go up and simply polish it up to a beautiful shine before move in day. This would bring a chic look to your unique living space!

polished concrete on an appartment in a pole building

As discussed last week the level of shine you want is completely customizable. Since each pass of our machine increases the shine you decide the exact finish you would like. Add a stain to your concrete and create a beautiful, one of a kind floor right in your own home!

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