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Maintenance is the key in keeping your polished concrete floors beautiful luster and it’s actually very easy!

Dust Mop

Dust mop to clean polished concrete floors
Dirt and dust that accumulate on the floor daily can abrade its surface taking the clarity away from the shine. By running a dust mop over its surface daily your polished concrete will hold its luster longer. These are inexpensive and available at hardware stores. You can find these 2 options locally at Lowe’s in Evansville IN and Henderson KY.


Clean up spills of any kind quickly. This gives it less of a chance to stain.

Damp Mop

wet mop for cleaning polished concrete floors

Once a week mop your concrete floor with clean water, a clean mop and a neutral floor cleaner. These are also easily found at Lowe’s!

Many factors affect the level of shine on your newly polished floor including, foot traffic, spills, inadequate cleaning, and the dirt you bring in from outside. The maintenance above will help keep the shine and clarity longer, but you will need regular checks with us to bring your floor back to it’s beautifully high polished state. Depending on the traffic you see, it could be once a year or even less frequent. Commercial projects may need re-polishing every 6 months. It’s possible that only the traffic lanes will need to be touched up!

Maintaining your polished concrete floor is essential to keeping it beautiful! The good news is even if we, Unleash the Crete, didn’t polish your concrete floors the first time we would be happy to meet with you about proper polishing and maintenance to get the longest life out of your floor! Give us a call for a free consultation! … Until next time…

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