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Engraving of football team logo on a basement floorLet’s start to tackle that plain concrete in your unfinished basement floor. If you are like me, I waited to finish our basement floor until the kids were old enough to not make huge “messes”. When we were ready we wanted to know what our options were for our, already poured, concrete basement floor. We were given a few referrals, but no one called us back so we ended up with boring tile floor. My family are sports FANATICS, including boys that play football and lacrosse. Looking back, it would have been so awesome to choose a team logo or mascot to be engraved, or cut into the concrete, and stained to make quite the centerpiece! There is so much available today with Concrete Staining and Engraving!

So many people out there are not “visual” and it’s hard for them to “see” a finished space, including the concrete flooring options. Let Unleash the Crete help! One of my first tips would be to establish a purpose for your space.

  • Are you or your family with older kids and love sports, maybe a favorite football, basketball, or race car team? We could engrave the logo mentioned above, or maybe cut in stripes or any decorative design on that basement floor and stain it that teams colors. Choosing to stain the finished concrete floor a base color and painting brightly colored walls you can create an easy to clean play room, or an area to watch movies and play x-box!


  • Engraved and stained concrete with sun center piece on basement floorAre you a family of 2 that love to entertain? Maybe a more “formal” space created with stained concrete. How about engraved concrete to look like slate and pair it with bright white walls and sleek black furniture to create a modern look. You can use rich stain colors with a tile-cut design! When staining these types of floors, using a different colored border, can add depth or give the room a unique look. If you have one huge space that is daunting to tackle try using borders around different areas. This can visually divide your space into areas used for, dining, cocktail, and lounging, allowing for a natural flow or adhesion with each other.


So, a few reminders to help “Finish the Unfinished Basement Floor”, remember:

1.  Establish a purpose for your space {the targeted “look and feel”}
2.  Consider furnishing placements, rugs, couches, tables, etc.
3.  Your engraving will last the lifetime of your concrete.

stained engraved color concrete on a basement floor

There are so many ideas that can be “created” to give you a Completely Custom Engraved and Stained Concrete Basement Floor!

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