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It’s warming up…the birds are chirping, the sun is starting to shine, and you notice … dull, dirty, cracked concrete! You think, “I wish I could do SOMETHING with this”! You are not alone. As with any project, getting started is the hardest part. Where do I begin? How do I decide what to do? What are my options? That’s where we come in! Unleash the Crete is here to help rid the tri-state of plain gray concrete and introduce Decorative Concrete Solutions!

decorative concrete solutions for patio and walkwaysIt may be the back or front patio you sit to read your paper or entertain guests on a summer evening, or how about your front concrete sidewalk that is meant to “welcome” your guests, but over time has become less and less “welcoming”. How about that concrete pool deck out back? Is there a way to jazz it up and make your guests say “WOW, this looks AMAZING”!?!?

If any or all of these thoughts have crossed your mind you are in the right place to find your Decorative Concrete Solution! When I first learned of the endless possibilities available for decorative concrete I decided, I couldn’t wait to let others in on the secret! My goal with this blog, is to take some time each week to share ideas, techniques and stories of others with the same questions you have!

Over the next month or so let’s break down some Decorative Concrete Solutions for the 4 most commonly asked about areas; the front walk-way, the patio, the pool deck and, my favorite, the oh so daunting, unfinished concrete basement floor!

Decorative Concrete Solutions for textured concreteThe Most Important part of any project is beginning with the end in mind, deciding what you want your space to “Look” and “Feel” like when you are done. Do you want a calming/quiet patio to drink coffee and read the paper on? Or, do you entertain regularly and want a more “formal” appearance and possibly an engraved concrete centerpiece for conversation? Do you want a welcoming sidewalk and front porch that screams, “Come on in for a visit”, or maybe a more subtle but engaging design with some delicate color and a nice rug.

How about your basement floor? Are you an avid sports fan? We could help create the ultimate “Man Cave” with your favorite team colors and the team logo or mascot engraved directly into your concrete! Talk about a conversation piece!

Let us help you “Get Started” finding your Decorative Concrete Solution!

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