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Beautiful and professional concrete engraving is not entirely about the design, it’s about using the right concrete engraving tools also! Engraving concrete can add beauty and intricacy to any concrete staining project. Have you ever considered simply engraving your concrete and not using any stain? Here is a perfect example!
concrete engraving with tools

This fits perfectly in a small hallway. This concrete is extremely old and was not stained so we could keep its’ aged appearance and rustic feel.

We’ve gone over some of the different processes used to create decorative concrete, but I’d like to show you a few specialty concrete engraving tools I use. Different types of engraving tools are used to accomplish different creative concrete designs. If the design is a tile-cut pattern, or geometric design using straight lines I will use a saw-like tool. This tool has several interchangeable blades, each a different width, resulting in depth and variety in the design.

If the concrete has a more intricate design featuring small detail cuts, the tools contained in the Kaleidocrete system will be used. The Kaleidocrete system is also used with specially designed stencils developed by Engrave-a-Crete. The Kaleidocrete System is a super-versatile set of concrete engraving tools that can change concrete of any age to thousands of patterns and designs, whether it be simple flagstones or the most intricate corporate logo. Unleash the Crete has successfully completed the certification process to obtain and properly use these powerful tools.

3 concrete engraving tools

The detail work these tools allow me to do is what turns your concrete into a beautiful work of art.

Small concrete engraving tool

Concrete engraving can be done to spruce up any concrete surface:

  • small or large
  • old or freshly cured
  • residential and commercial

Let Unleash the Crete help you bring new life into your old plain concrete using the correct concrete engraving tools for each job!

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