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Concrete stained and Engraved to look like brick with flowers on stepsDay in and day out we walk in our front doors and rarely do we notice the entryway or front porch.  If you are like me, I’m just changing my welcome mat from Christmas to something a little more “fresh” for spring.  There are a lot of things you can do to spruce up your concrete front porch and walkway, besides just sticking a bench on it or a flowerpot. Ever considered concrete staining?

Let’s first start with what type of home you have. Is it brick, a solid color siding, natural cut lumber or log? Then let’s consider what you want your front concrete walkway to “say”, do you want to portray a front walkway that is warm and inviting? How about, dressing up that concrete porch with a custom engraved rug. Using concrete staining we can incorporate any color you’d like as a focal piece?

Concrete entryway of several houses featuring concrete staining

If you are a brick home owner, old or new, don’t worry about finding the “closest” match in color, let Unleash the Crete cut in a brick pattern and stain that engraved concrete pattern the color and shade that best accents your home.  This pattern could work like edging to your beautiful landscape and continue up to and wrap around your front porch. It’s subtle, but adds a new, cohesive look.

On to that single color home, we can ad some variety by using concrete staining and then engraving a beautiful natural stone or tile-cut pattern to welcome friends and family to your front door.  Do you have a quaint cottage type home with a rustic exterior? Many older homes were built focusing on the structure itself, now you have the opportunity to enhance your exterior with not only landscape but also decorative concrete featuring concrete staining. Don’t settle for that plain square cut walkway that has been there for years. Try an engraved limestone pattern cut in to give it a whimsical feel.

Whether it’s a main focal point like a “Welcome” mat, stained engraved rug right outside your front door or a simple edging to tie your house and walk together, Unleash the Crete can help.  All of my decorative concrete is custom designed and using concrete stain it can be any shade you’d like! What a great way to add a beautiful touch of color to anyone’s porch or concrete walkway!

concrete driveway engraving

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