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Everywhere I go I look at the floor.  I notice what kind of patterns are in different stores, places of business, and in homes. Then imagine what they would look like with an artistic touch.  To enhance the overall beauty of your space consider concrete engraving patterns combined with the colors of stain. Concrete can be a very artistic choice of flooring besides being unique and environmentally friendly.  Here are a few patterns to choose from…
brick concrete engraveing pattern
Brick patterns are a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks and patios. They can be engraved straight, circular or both.
concrete engraveing pattern of flagstone
Try this natural river rock pattern/ Several colors can add a softness to the overall look.
concrete engraving patterns of compas
Tile-cut patterns can be simple or elaborate.  Different tile sizes, borders, custom graphics incorporated into the pattern…The possibilities are endless.

Concrete Engraving Patterns and colors around water feature

Ashlar slate can be used to match any décor.
Concrete Engraving Patterns of wood

Endless Concrete Engraving Patterns Options and colors

A unique showpiece can be designed using multiple colors and engraving designs.

concrete engraving patterns for logo and mascot

Your logo, custom design, or even a photograph can become part of your concrete engraving patterns.  I can engrave any size whether it be a 100-foot diameter corporate logo, or one square foot geometrical design.

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