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Welcome back! One of my favorite steps in the whole decorative concrete creation is putting the whole project together by chalking the engraved concrete pattern desired by each client.  On this particular project, the stain has already been applied to the desired color and neutralized.

acid stained concrete

“Chalking” in a pattern is just the concrete engraver’s version of a “Sketch”. This helps me to ensure that every cut is exactly where it should be, and those clients who have trouble picturing designs in their heads get to see the design before the first cut is made to create their engraved concrete. This is also the time to make any changes in the layout if needed. For this decorative concrete project, I started chalking in the border first. This ensures the remaining concrete will be measured accurately for the remaining pattern.

engraved concrete chalk tool

After the border is fully laid out I placed the centerpiece stencil, the Reining horse, where it was going to be engraved. I always take a little extra time with the main showpiece. It needs to be measured, placed and engraved first so it stands out and is the engraved concrete centerpiece it’s meant to be. Once this piece is placed, the rest of the pattern can be measured and chalked from there.

chalking of border for engraved concrete

The next step was to chalk the tile pattern that will surround the engraved concrete image of the reining horse. The tile pattern used on this project was placed on a diagonal. Once chalked, I check for accuracy and confirm the design with the client before making that first exciting cut for the newly engraved concrete. Engraving the concrete is the last step for this portion of the project and needs to be finished carefully and not rushed. Every chalk line has to be cut with exact precision to give it that professional, finished look provided by Unleash the Crete.

Once any pattern is chosen or developed, it can be turned, angled or kept straight.  Each position can create a completely different look. Let your imagination run wild to develop the look you want. Or, let us help! The decorative concrete specialist at Unleash the Crete can help you develop your ideas and bring them to reality!

After this plain porch was now engraved concrete, I re-cleaned and prepared to seal!  Until next time, consider ways to “Unleash” your Crete! Anyone have ideas? I’d love to here your comments!

tool used to make engraved concrete

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