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All concrete flooring is unique and allows a chance to turn dull gray concrete into a custom work of art!

Have you ever just stared at your concrete floors trying to figure out what to do with it, or if there is anything you can do with it? Unleash the Crete will take your ideas and create a beautiful decorative concrete surface. Are you stumped, overwhelmed by concrete choices or just confused?  We can also work together to develop ideas to unleash the beauty hidden in your plain grey concrete floor. Whether you have old concrete or newly poured concrete we want to Unleash your inner ‘Crete’ to bring a bright new decorative concrete surfaces to life.


Concrete floor prep includes coating removal. These can include coatings such as epoxy, carpet mastic, thin set and paint. We also grind concrete and prep the floors for application of coatings such as epoxy and polyaspartics. If you have cracks in your old concrete floor this would be the time to repair these flaws.


We use acid stains and water based stains to stain both old and new concrete floors.

Acid Staining Concrete

This process involves a chemical reaction. The Chemicals react with the minerals already present in the concrete creating the color that shows through. Because of this, no two concrete surfaces are ever alike. Even the same surface has variations in coloring resulting in a custom decorative concrete floor. The texture, and age of the concrete floor are factors as well. Varying the dilution ratio of the stain will affect the final appearance of the concrete floor giving it a one of a kind look.

Water Based Staining Concrete

If you have a very specific design in mind for your concrete floor, this method provides more predictable, solid and bright colors. We can mix them to provide custom colors as well. Water based stains are also used for faux finishes such as limestone, granite or marble. Water Based Staining is also used after acid staining a concrete surface to create a more intricate design. Every job is unique and can turn gray concrete into custom works of art.

Both types of stains can be used on both interior concrete and exterior concrete surfaces, are UV stable, and are very durable if sealed and properly maintained.


I specialize in Engraving Concrete! Concrete Engraving takes stained concrete to a whole new level! Engraving is etching patterns into the surface of your concrete providing texture and creating depth along with dimension. Almost any existing concrete surface can utilize concrete engraving to create there decorative concrete, whether old or freshly cured. Keep in mind the pattern you choose should compliment the surface. Your concrete can actually resemble limestone, brick, slate, flagstone or even cobble stone patterns. Geometric designs, both straight and circular, can also be cut in to give your concrete floor a unique appearance.

Custom Engraved Designs/Logos

We can also produce custom templates, through Engrave-a-Crete. Thus allows us to reproduce an original artistic design or custom graphic design to be engraved into your concrete floor. Specialty logos, custom logos, team mascots/logos, school names or even family names or crests can all be engraved to make a unique one of a kind, piece of art at your home or business.


The following 2 methods are great solutions for…

Reflector Enhancer Flooring System(Interior use)

Want the “WOW” factor? That’s what the reflector enhancer flooring system provides! It has been one of the hottest and most popular commercial and residential flooring products since it came onto the market. The Reflector Enhancer Flooring System is a specialized epoxy that reflects and refracts light to create a 3 dimensional depth of color. This flooring system is exceptionally unique, it looks like no other flooring product you’ve seen! Truly embodying strength and beauty, the Reflector Enhancer in this flooring system is strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic, including concrete garage floors, yet beautiful enough for use in any interior setting including offices, homes, basements and even barns. This Reflector Enhancer Flooring System has unlimited designs, endless color options and limited only by your imagination!

Utilizing the Reflector Enhancer Flooring System this space becomes classically warm and inviting.

Concrete floor using Reflector Enhancer Flooring System

Polyaspartic Coating (Interior and Exterior use)

Polyaspartic coatings are superior in durability, strength, flexibility, adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance. The chemical make up of this coating allows it to be applied in any temperature and in a short time frame, therefore decreasing the overall application costs when compared with other concrete coating methods. Using Polyaspartic coatings allows for more flexible scheduling and decreases the downtime for your business or project.

Polyaspartics coatings are UV Stable, unlike epoxies, and can be applied with a pigmented color or over a chipped application for increased durability and traction control. These coatings can also come in the metallic colors, which resemble the Reflector Flooring System.

In utilizing a strong working relationship with, locally owned, Surface With A Smile we can establish and create the perfect concrete surface for your individual or corporate needs.


Polishing concrete is typically a multi-step process requiring the use of machines equipped with varying grits of diamond-segmented abrasives. These grind down your concrete surface and bring it back to a desired level of shine and smoothness from a matte finish all the way to a glossy, mirror like finish. The beauty, uniqueness, and extremely low maintenance costs are a few reasons why this process is growing in popularity.

The decorative options with polished concrete are limitless. From the choices of color, patterns and textures through the use of integral colors or dyes, and engraving techniques, you can produce stunning floors!

  • Unleash your "Crete"
  • Concrete Staining & Engraving

    Decorative concrete on a Front Porch Stained and Engraved like Natural Stone

    Water Color Pattern by Staining

    Decorative Multi Color Stained Concrete Surface

    Beautiful, Rustic, Natural Stone

    Decorative Concrete Engraved to look like Natural Stone in a walkway

    Only difference is the Coating!

    Decorative Concrete half Coated and Decorative Concrete half Uncoated