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Welcome back! I’m so glad your joining me on my journey through the staining and engraving process of this front porch located in rural Evansville IN. One of the most important steps in the whole staining and engraving process would be Concrete Prep. Because the stain used for this project acquires its color through an acid reaction process, it’s very important to meticulously complete each step in the concrete prep. If not, you may have problems getting the actual stain to consistently absorb into your concrete.

concrete prep taping up plastic

The first step in concrete prep is taping a thick sturdy plastic over any outer surface I do not want stain to come in contact with.

For the stable’s porch, I taped heavy plastic to both the barn exterior and over the white handrail that surround the porch. I always use caution tape to mark off areas people are likely to walk on and off my work area. Since this project was located in a rural part of Evansville surrounded by farmland, I had issues with the “wild” life footprints! Stray cats came around at night and the barn dogs were always very curious about what was happening. Did I mention there was a cute little pond real close to my work site? Since we were in the middle of a Midwest Evansville summer, the barn dogs would go for a swim and come back to visit me with their muddy paws! As I’ve mentioned each project has its own unique “challenges”.
concrete prep with power washer

With any concrete staining project, I begin by cleaning with a pressure washer, continually rinsing until the water runs almost clear. If there are any stains, paints or grease marks on the project area, now is the time to try and remove them with the appropriate cleanser.

concrete prep includes removing rust stains

As you can see, this porch had quite a few rust stains.

When treating rust stains I use acid to remove or lighten. Since using the acid rinse would effect how the acid stain reacted with the concrete I decided to leave them untouched. In this case, the rust color was complimentary to the color chosen for the stain!  As you can see, the color blended into the rust stains nicely!

Stained concrete floor

After the area is cleaned, it needs to dry completely and we’ll be ready for the next step, Concrete Staining! Until then….

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