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Have you ever decided to completely change a room in you’re house? Your so excited to pick the paint colors and choose new furniture then, when you’re ready to start, you notice there are no paint brushes! I’m sure we have all had a home project ready to roll and find we’re missing the main tool to start. It’s hard not to get started the minute the project has been selected! It’s the same with concrete projects. My clients finally come to a decision on design patterns and colors but often there is extra concrete project prep to do before starting.

I wrote a bit about concrete project prep work in a previous post. This talked about using a pressure washer to clean the concrete before staining it with color. Sometimes there are additional steps that are needed. This future concrete project, a driveway…

concrete driveway before edging

…needs to be edged first so the border can actually be seen! Then we’ll use a pressure washer, after, to clean the area prior to staining.

edging a concrete driveway

This patio project…

concrete patio with railing

was being prepped for staining and engraving and the client decided to have her railing taken down at the last minute. Once she did this she was able to see what the patio looked like without it. She actually changed her mind on the pattern she had chosen and now we are going to stain and engrave a brick or stone border first and decide later what else she would like to ad. Doing a project, like this patio, in stages is a great way to help work within a budget.

concrete project prep for patio

The easiest, yet most frustrating project to prep for is a freshly poured pad. Are you ready? Grab a pen, you may want to take notes. Fist you wait, then wait, uhm wait, and finally WAIT SOME MORE…for it to cure. Projects with freshly poured concrete must cure 30 days, which is a long time for an excited decorative concrete professional…like ME! Until next week,

concrete project prep for curing concrete

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