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Getting ready for the Holidays? This is our favorite time of year at our house! Thanksgiving leading into Christmas, followed closely by a bright New Year! Everyone is putting up their decorations from simple to extreme! Thoughts of cooking lavish dinners to share with our families are going through our […]

Stamped concrete in Evansville

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions! When remodeling your house or building a new one, there are many decisions to be made. You wouldn’t think that there are too many decisions to be made about your concrete. One choice is easy, engraved concrete over stamped concrete! A lot of people probably […]

Maintenance is the key in keeping your polished concrete floors beautiful luster and it’s actually very easy! Dust Mop Dirt and dust that accumulate on the floor daily can abrade its surface taking the clarity away from the shine. By running a dust mop over its surface daily your polished […]

residential polished concrete floor

Polished concrete floors are not just for commercial use. They can be beautiful and useful in a residential home too. What are the benefits to Residential Polished Concrete? Have an indoor pet…that sheds…year-round? I do! Unlike carpet, polished concrete will not trap in pet dander, fleas or mites. Suffer from […]

or “A concrete floor can be shiny without a slippery wax on top?” These are very common questions I get when I explain polished concrete. Polished concrete is becoming the new no-wax flooring choice. It’s high durability and low maintenance are quickly making it the first choice for commercial use. […]

professionall concrete cleaning with pressure washer

Professional concrete cleaning is most often associated with commercial concrete. Our home or residential concrete can take a beating as well. We grill and drip grease on our concrete patio, park vehicles that may leak oil or fluids on our concrete driveway and walk on our concrete walkways everyday several […]

concrete cleaning in evansville driveway and porch

Mother nature has been very busy with the rain lately; roads have flooded, farmers are having a hard time keeping their hay dry long enough to get it stored and we, at Unleash the Crete, have had a few delays of our own. As I’ve discussed both, concrete staining and […]

concrete prep work edging a driveway

Have you ever decided to completely change a room in you’re house? Your so excited to pick the paint colors and choose new furniture then, when you’re ready to start, you notice there are no paint brushes! I’m sure we have all had a home project ready to roll and […]

detail concrete engraving tool

Beautiful and professional concrete engraving is not entirely about the design, it’s about using the right concrete engraving tools also! Engraving concrete can add beauty and intricacy to any concrete staining project. Have you ever considered simply engraving your concrete and not using any stain? Here is a perfect example! […]

beach view of customer service

Hello! This week’s blog is a bit of a “destination” blog. My WHOLE family, parents, sisters, brother-in-laws, nephews and nieces took off for a vacation to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I was so excited to report, via my blog, about all of the decorative concrete I got to see on […]